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Welcome to Urecel Pty Ltd

Urecel Pty Ltd is an engineering company which has been supplying moulded Polyurethane foam products to the furniture industry since its establishment in 1984. Since 1984 Urecel Pty Ltd has expanded its market to supply moulded foam products to the Automotive Industry, Cold chain logistics, the Petroleum industry, the Railways, the Department of Defence and also manufactures Equestrian products.

Urecel Pty Ltd offers moulded foam products manufactured by Cast Elastomer, Flexible, Rigid, Structural or Integral Skin Polyurethane Foam processes.

Polymer engineering allows Urecel Pty Ltd to provide the moulded foam product best suited to your needs.

Urecel Foam Seat Cross Section Urecel services the public transport industry Foam Structure
Urecel Pty Ltd
Email: urecelpl@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 03 9729 9655
Fax: 03 9720 1024
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10/24 Longstaff Road
Bayswater, VIC 3153