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Flexible Foam

Products in this category include seat cushions, seat backs and fully in-frame moulded tub chairs.

Rigid Foam

Includes product lines such as thermal boxes, rigid packaging and impact protection mouldings.

Structural Foam

These products include high-strength seating and bracket components.

Integral Skin Foam

Products utilising this process include chair seats, chair backs, chair arm units and moulded covers.

Cast Elastomer

This method produces components such as guides, rollers and hose protectors.

Fire Retardent Foam

We blend Graphite & Melamine based foam systems for the manufacture of train, aircraft, public and theatre seating. These high level fire retardant foam systems were developed "in house" by Urecel.


We offer tooling in either Steel, Aluminium or Epoxy Fibreglass according to your requirements. We will consult with you on your project and advise you on the best methods to suit your needs.

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