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Polyurethane Foam Suppliers

Urecel Pty Ltd was established in 1984. In 2000 the company was taken over by Tim Fettell whose 20 years of experience in the Polyurethane industry allowed him to expand Urecel’s business to offer a more diverse range of foam products including a wide range of moulded Polyurethane foam and cast Elastomer products.
  • Urecel Pty Ltd has a current AFRDI (Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute) certification covering fire retardant foams, BS5852 ignition source 5. We employ the ISO 9001 quality control system for the quality management of the manufacture of our moulded foam products.
  • AS/NZS 1530.3-1999

In consultation with one of Urecel’s customers we have developed a furniture grade foam system that is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) approved.

Urecel Pty Ltd recently switched to zero ozone-depleting gases for some foam systems. We also employ the latest water-blown systems for foam production.

All waste foam from Urecel Pty Ltd is collected and reprocessed into carpet underlay.

Innovative polyurethane foam suppliers in Australia

Urecel is among the leading manufacturer and polyurethane foam suppliers across Australia. Backed by a team of industry professionals, we have what it takes to deliver high-quality, precise and durable solutions on time. Whatever product you need, we are sure our team will be able to develop a tailored solution. We supply high quality polyurethane foam for various industries including Manufacturing Furniture, Packaging and other Specialist Industries.

What makes us Special?

Urecel works with the objective to design, manufacture and supply the highest quality polyurethane foam in Australia. We have a team of industry experts; we specialise in offering varied customised solutions that work best for our client’s individual and business needs.

We continue to expand our product range and improve our manufacturing standards. We have an in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; it allows us to improve our work processes and deliver precise Polyurethane foam products to our customers.

Quality Assurance

For us, Quality is our top-most priority. Whether you need rigid foam or structural foam and fire-retardant foam products, you’ll get quality assured products. our polyurethane foam manufacturers test every product for its performance and durability. We ensure our foam products offer the highest level of strength, endurance and thermal resistance.

Find out why we’re the Industry Leader!

If you are searching for high-end polyurethane foam in Australia, look no further than Urecel.

We believe that moulded Polyurethane foam products offer an excellent material choice for a variety of applications. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored exactly according to your industry requirements. If you are not sure which foam product is best suited to your needs, you can consult with our polyurethane foam manufacturers.

Discover our wide range of polyurethane foam products in Australia.

We are sure our innovative solutions will help you get a better ROI and many long-term benefits in the future.

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