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Fire Retardant Foam Suppliers

We can offer different levels of fire retardant foams depending on your needs.

Urecel has supplied for a number of contracts for railway seating over the years and we have continually improved our Graphite based foam systems as the rail industry seeks higher standards in this area.
Talk to us about your needs, so we can tailor a specific fire retardant foam for your next project.

Ensure better safety with fire-retardant foam

When it comes to ensuring safety, especially in public places, having access to the right materials is important. At Urecel, we stock a range of high-quality fire-retardant foam products and systems developed by our in-house experts. With attention to detail, our foam products are equipped with the best features. Made from Graphite and Melamine, our chemically-treated products are suitable for use in trains, aircraft and theatre seatings.
Our team is fully committed to offering the best-in-class products at great prices. We do not compromise on the quality of our products when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of people. We continue to serve our community by providing an extended range of highest quality fireproof foam.
If you are searching for a fireproof foam insulation solution, you’ll be glad to know our polyurethane foam products are designed and developed as per the Australian Fire Safety Standards.

Why choose our fire-retardant foam?

Our fire-retardant foam products have high fire resistance. They can be applied easily and can also be painted or plastered without the use of primers. They are equally suitable for use in the construction industry.
Depending on the quality, the flammability of our fireproof foam varies notably. When you invest in our products, you can have peace of mind knowing our foam products will offer unmatched levels of fire resistance.

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