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Energy Efficient Rigid Foam Insulation in Australia

Rigid foam is a widely used material in the building and construction sector. This material effectively reduces the overall energy use and helps regulate indoor temperature. If there are holes or air leaks in a building, it can lead to high energy costs but with high-end rigid foam insulation, sealing gaps and maintaining an ideal temperature is easier.

Urecel is proud to present a wide range of products for rigid foam insulation in Australia. Our insulated foam not only prevents airflow but also minimises heat loss. When you insulate your home with rigid foam, you can keep it cool during summers and warm during winters. The foam also reduces noise from outside and protects the walls against mould and rust.

Our versatile range of rigid foam has high thermal and moisture resistance. With more compressive strength and long-term durability, you can use rigid foam insulation for various applications.

How rigid foam insulation helps?

Rigid foam is made from expanded polystyrene, it is known for its effective insulation properties and offers maximum durability and thermal resistance. The foam once installed provides a layer of extra protection against moisture and air.

Using rigid foam for insulation means you are protecting your building against various environmental factors. It improves fire safety and helps lowers energy bills.

We at Urecel provide rigid foam for insulation across Australia. Our foam products can be used for a wide range of insulation applications. What makes our products different is their enhanced insulation values and adhesion.

If you are searching for the energy-efficient rigid foam to lower your energy bills, we are here to help. Our specialised insulation materials have made it easier to make buildings and homes more energy efficient.

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